Hemorrhoids are a very common complaint suffered by almost 90% of the population. They can cause annoying symptoms such as itching, bleeding, and pain.

For years we have used a classification according to the size. The one at the stage 3 and 4 are the ones that cause the most problems. Medical treatments with ointments and oral analgesics often fail and patients seek alternatives for cure or to reduce the size of the hemorrhoidal tissue.
Possible procedures include:
-injection sclerotherapy
These are generally done at the doctor office.
Surgical options are:
-open and close hemorrhoidectomy
-doppler guided artery ligation
-stapled hemorrhoidopexy
Our suggested procedure is using injection sclerotherapy. This is based on our experience in this procedure, even with prolapsed Hemorrhoids, with very satisfactory results.
Patients need no preparation because we use a special anoscope and an injection of 2 to 3 c.c. of tetradecil sulfate (fibro Vein 3%). It is applied in the submucosal layer at the bottom of the hemorrhoidal tissue in the rectum.
Care is taken not to inject close to the anal mucosa, for this can cause pain. This procedure is repeated in 4 to 6 weeks until all the hemorrhoids are dealt with. Usually a patient needs 4 sessions. What we are looking for is to obtain the shrinking of the hemorrhoids.
Surgical indications are left for advanced cases or Refractory to Sclerotherapy or another procedure.
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