Colonoscopy is perhaps the best diagnostic tool in medicine for the diagnosis of colorrectal diseases.

Starting in the perineal and perianal region we can see condilomas caused by the human papiloma virus, that can eventually cause anal malignancy.Others lesions are fistula, fisure, hemorrhoids.

With the use of a HighResolution Anoscopy,we can take biopsy samples. A rectal finger palpation is then carried out to find tumors. This is also very useful for finding prostate enlargement.

We then go upward cheking rectum ,sigmoid, descending colon, transverse, ascending colon,cecum and terminal ileum. We take biopsy specimens are taken in all these regions and we procede with the removal of polyps - the primary reason of this procedure. Other diseases that we can see are: diverticulosis,cuci, chron’s disease.


Preparation begins 48 hours before with light diet. The day before the patient would start a liquid diet with laxatives. You would also be asked to stop any blood thinner or anticoagulants that you might be taking. This is done to avoid any bleeding event in case we need to take biopsies or perform a polipectomy.

A preparation protocol will be sent to you so you know exactly what steps to follow and what to expect. We are also always available to answer any question you may have.

Day of Procedure

We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before the procedure so a qualified nurse can help you prepare upon your arrival. You will be asked to change your clothes to a special bathrobe. A nurse places an IV line and an anesthesiologist applies an anesthetic call propofol .

Once the examination finishes, you will wake up with in a few seconds with no nausea or hangover whatsoever. The physician will then talk to you about the findings and a written report with pictures is hand over to you. Please note that it is very important that a family member be with you at this moment since you may not remember what we talk about.

We will then prescribe a medication whenever is indicated and a follow up is carried out by the doctor in charge or his or her office staff. We then contact your current family physician (with your approval) to tell him about the results - this is important so you can continue any treatment once you are back home.

Other Facts

It is important to know that you can have a companion or family member stay with you before and after the procedure. One of our professional and courteous staff will be with you during the procedure.

We will be happy to further talk to you about doing a colonoscopy in Costa Rica and clear up any doubts that you might have. Contact us at: or +(506) 2208-1605.

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