Chronic Anal Fisure

In my experience of 30 years working in the field of Proctology, Chronic anal fissure is perhaps the condition that causes the worst kind of pain, since this appears during and after defecation. It often feels like a sharp knife execrating pain. Many times patients refuse to eat to avoid a bowel movement.

Patients then seek medical help. In my practice at Cima Hospital, I use the technique of Close Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy. With this technique, the Internal Sphincter is cut, introducing a knife between the two sphincters and cutting toward the anal canal. This allows the internal sphincter to relax, enhancing the chance of the fissure to heal.
A mild sedation is used with local anesthesia. It is important for me that the patient stays conscious so I can ask him or her to contract the external sphincter in several times - so I know I am not cutting it.
I have less than 0.5 % of recurrence and no cases of incontinence. Oral analgesics are used for 48 hours. Relief of symptoms will appear by the next day.
These are the most grateful patients that I have seen since their pain was sharp and we can eliminate it with our procedure.

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